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Crest Provider Work Barge

Modification and Upgrading of work barge.

In January 2012, we were awarded by Pacific Radiance Pte Ltd to carry out major upgrading works onboard work barge,"Crest Provider" to Charterer's specification. All works were completed within 6 months during vessel stay in our yard.

Workscope includes :-

1) Fabrication, Modification and installation of the following piping systems :-

Mud Tank Washing Line, Fuel Oil Cargo Pump Line, Brine Line and Fresh Water Line.

2) Modification of Mud Tank.

3) Modify and install new portable Hatch Cover on main deck iwo of Engine Room.

4) Fabricate and install new Pipe rack holders onboard Mezzaine deck.

5) Fabricate and install new storage racks inside Cargo Hold Bulkheads.

6) Reinforcement Cargo Hold deck plating for Forklift movement.

7) Modify and install Boat Landings on Port & Stbd.

Mud Tank Wash Line
Hatch Cover c/w Counterweight
Reinforcement of Cargo Hold Deck
Cargo Hold Side Rack
Pipe Rack Welding
Port Boat Landing





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