Ship Building & Repair

Established in 1987, Inparco specializes in ship building and repair. We have experience in repairing and upgrading different types of vessels and some of our works include container vessels, supply vessels, oil tankers, floating docks, leisure crafts and military ships. Our team is capable of both dry-dock and afloat repair for the service and maintenance of vessels. Armed with years of experience in the marine and offshore industry, we aim to deliver high-quality workmanship, time-effective project management and reliable services for all our clients.

Our past projects include

  • Construction of a 120 ft. dumb barge
    In 2008, Inparco constructed and delivered a 120ft dumb Barge for chartering to owner’s specifications. Upon job completion, air test and ultrasonic test were conducted to attending surveyor’s requirement. The barge was built to the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) classification. This project was carried out for Sin Lin Industry.
  • Alongside repair of Offshore Utility Vessel Energy Miner
    In 2008, Inparco undertook a 2 months long project to upgrade an offshore utility vessel’s modules and new structure living quarters. The project includes the installation of new Sewage plant system, repair to the existing pipes work and upgrading of cabins to a 100-men capacity. The vessel also underwent repair for damages from wear and tear, machinery cooling system and other pipe work. The project was carried out for Asetanian Marine.
  • Alongside repair of Neptank VIII
    Neptank VIII is a 1997 vessel due for its 4th special survey. A 3 month repair and upgrading work was carried out by Inparco in 2008. The vessel was repaired to Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classification which involves steel work replacement of the 40 tonne cargo tank, replacement of main cargo pipes work, forepeak/aftpeak tank steel work, hose crane repair and load testing. The project was carried out for Transocean Oil Pte Ltd.
  • Dry Dock and Special survey of Sea Falcon
    A 3 months alongside/ dry dock repair was carried out for Sea Falcon in preparation for its 25 years special Survey. Repair works include 50 tonne of steel work renewal of cargo tank, cargo pump, pipe lines, access platform and fresh water tank to NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI Classification (ClassNK). For the survey, the propeller shafts had to be withdrawn and both the sea chest valves and machinery overhauled. As part of the project, tank cleaning was carried out to meet inspection requirement. The vessel was also dry docked for water work repair, blasting to SA 2.5 and eventually received a paint work. The project was completed for Seven Seas.

Steel Fabrication

Bringing its expertise onshore, Inparco is able to construct and deliver the same high quality work for stainless steel fabrication projects. In the past 2 decades, we have delivered high quality customized steel structures to a diverse clientele.

Our past projects include

  • Fabrication of 3.88m diameter and 2.0m tall Lime Silos
    In 2 months, Inparco delivered 4 units of silo tanks including another 4 units of 2.933m tall mixing and dozing tanks of 1.92m diameter. A conveyer system, access cat walk platforms and cage ladders were also fabricated for this project. The completed structures were delivered and installed at to owner’s site. The project is completed in 2008 for Nu-Con.
  • Refurbishment of 75 tonne Sea Trax offshore crane
    75 tonne Seatrax Pedestal Crane was dismantled from vessel and its components removed. The Engine and power pack system were overhauled and fully tested. Other works include the blasting of the boom to SA 2.5, refurbishment of control cabin and existing steel structures. The crane was repaired to Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classification and this included 100% MPI and Ultrasonic test before painting with owner’s given specs. Function test were carried out to owner satisfaction before delivery to Sembawang Shipyard for installation. The project was delivered in 2008 for Rabutec Singapore

Oilfield equipment

As an extension to our steel fabrication work, Inparco has, till date, been contracted by offshore and oil companies to construct pedestal crane, Cargo hose cranes, winches and anchor winchlass for installation on offshore facilities. With our 30,000 sq ft open yard with 30m lone seafront located in Tuas, we are well-equipped to fabricate, build and repair to owner’s specification.

Our past projects include

  • Fabrication of 4 sets of Hose Reel
    Inparco undertook a 6 months project for the fabrication of 4 sets of Hose reels for an offshore rig. The project was carried out for Plimsoil, Macgregor.

Marine equipment & Labour contracting

In addition to our core services, Inparco has also extended its competency to include refurbishing of machinery and supplying of general hardware for heavy industries. We are also able to provide both skilled and unskilled workers to service all our clients’ needs. Our workers are well-trained and we have certified welders (tig and argon), fitters and pipe workers to help our clients complete their projects in a time-effective manner. We believe our additional services will value-add to our clientele and we continue to explore new ways which we can grow with our clients.

Our past projects include

  • Replacement of 100 tonne crawler crane
    The project scope involves the relocation of winches and crane on vessel. Inparco delivered this project in 2 weeks with the existing knuckle boom crane removed to create room for 100 tonne crawler crane and increase the deck load by adding in under deck carling supports in-way of steering compartment and welded doublers plates to the main deck for the crane tracks. The project was carried out for Asetanian Marine
  • New Assembly of 70 tonne Pedestal Crane ‘Good Crane’
    The new assembly of a 70 tonne pedestal crane was carried out at our 30,000sq ft open yard located in Tuas Basin. The crane was lifted off upon completion after assembly work and function tests. Project involved a 150 tonne crane lifting facility and skilled labors to assist and work with service engineers.

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